KGW-8, Portland - U of O gives a glimpse under Antarctica

'It's a window into this environment and it's a really special one'

Researchers are studying ice fish in the area and how they can survive in such frigid water, as well as seals and whales.

Author: Keely Chalmers
Published: May 30, 2019

EUGENE, OR — Scientists at the University of Oregon are giving the public a rare glimpse at what's happening below the ice in the Antarctic some 9,000 miles away.

It's an area relatively few people have ever seen.

But now, we can all see it in real time thanks to the University of Oregon assistant professor Paul Cziko.

About two years ago, Cziko and a team of scientists cut a hole in the Antarctic sea ice, jumped in, transported a camera, an audio recorder and a seawater sensor down some 70 feet to the ocean floor.

The installation is called the McMurdo Oceanographic Observatory or MOO for short. 

And for the first time ever, it’s giving the public a window into what's happening in this remote part of the ocean …

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